Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I had all sorts of words and thoughts dancing through my head today that I wanted to put down here as my first post of the new year, but they all disappeared as soon as my head hit the pillow for my "after-dinner snooze". I should have written them down as they came to me. LOL

Last year, 2010, was one of learning, of patience, of love and of procrastination.

The learning part was having to learn how to care for 5 newborn pups, and fast! Researching how to make formulas, what to do in emergencies, and all manner of things involved with raising puppies. The pups will be a year old on the 24th of this month, are happy and healthy so something must have gone right. :)

The patience. Now, who would not learn patience when caring after all those puppies? The feedings, the burping, the peri-massages to help with elimination, then as they got older, the chasing after, the poop and pee patrols, the breaking up of sibling rivalry episodes. Did I learn patience, or was I just too tired to fight? LOL

The Love. Who could not fall in love with those bundles of furry delights? From the snuggles when they were little and could fit in the palm of my hand, to now when they come up to me for hugs and kisses, I love them all dearly and could never part with one of my furry family.

Procrastination. Yep, that became a big part of 2010 for me. I put off everything, and I do mean everything, to devote my time to those puppies. Painting? I was too tired to lift a paintbrush. Housework? Only the bare essentials were done as I was busy chasing after puppies and playing with them. Shopping? Nope, can't leave the babies for that long. Fishing? No time and can't leave puppies. Visiting friends? I got out 4 times times this year (twice to Brenda's and twice for lunch with Pat). I was terrible with putting things off! And the puppies were a great excuse. ;)

But now it is the second day of 2011, and the pups, although still quite dependant on me, they are also almost a year old and need me to be around them less to increase their independance. So, this will be a year of more "me" time. I'm not going to make promises like I will paint at least a picture a month, or I will get the house cleaned from top to bottom, or I will post in my blog weekly. I know that I won't stick to that so why even say it? LOL

Instead I will say that I will spend some time doing things for me and will post whatever I create this year as I finish it. Of course, I will also be spending time with my furry gang, but I also plan on spending some quiet time with hubby out on the lake with a fishing rod in my hand, visiting with friends and getting back into my photography. If I have to hire a dog-sitter for a few hours a week to do so, then that is what I'll do. :)

So, that is my first post of the new year. It should prove to be a very interesting and busy year, both personally and professionally, methinks. There will be many changes at work, starting with the move to the new library in the new Municipal Complex, and many changes at home, starting with my loosening of the apron strings with the doggies. 2010 flew by for me and I do think that before I can blink, 2012 will be upon us. Time travels so fast the older I get. So, I will try and accomplish a few things on my "to do" list during 2011, but no promises! LOL

A very Happy New Year to all!

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